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I was tagged by redthreadoflove! Thank you, though I was gone too long to realized that I was tagged… 

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Your favorite season? Spring (It’s not too hot or too cold)

Have you done the Icebucket challenge? Nope

Are you going to watch any anime in the fall season? Possibly, depending on the new anime they have. If not, I’ll continue watching old animes or ones I haven’t finished

Do you eat ice cream in the winter? Occasionally

How did you spend your summer time? Oh you know eat, sleep, play video games, watch animes, pretty much being lazy. And I got into watching WWE

Are you reading any books now? If you count mangas, I’m reading Magic Knight Rayearth

Draw youself and post it here on tumblr XD

The best I can do (I haven’t draw for a while)… I’m a bit more chubby and I’m not wearing my glasses

Any games you want to play soon? Uh the new smash bros game, Hyrule Warriors, FF Type-0, FF15, and the list goes on…

Favorite voice actor? So far, KENN

Tea or coffee? Tea FTW!!!

My questions:

  1. Favorite color?
  2. Favorite junk food?
  3. Favorite flavor of potato chips?
  4. Favourite Youtube channels?
  5. Favorite video game?
  6. Favorite anime of Summer ‘14 season?
  7. American/British music or J-pop/K-pop music?
  8. Impulsive shopper or not?
  9. If you were to spend on something ANYTHING in the world, what would it be?
  10. You’re spending a day with ANY fictional character, who would it be?
  11. Anywhere in the world you would like to go to and why?

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You can do it if you want to!

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My experience at Otakuthon 2014!

Day 1: So the first day was messed up, I didn’t know where I’m suppose to lineup for getting into the exhibition hall (all the merch & artists at) because there was two lines and it turned out that the line starts at where you registered or get your badge. So it took a while for the line to go smoothly and I finally got in a hour later (it’s SO LONG). So I didn’t really bought much stuff that day since I’m just browsing around. I reserved 2 custom shirts from one of the stands, it was the green Zelda shirt and a Sailor Moon shirt (but I wore it on the first day of school so it’s in the wash now) So as I was waiting for the shirts to be processed, I went to the Q&A of Arnie Roth & Nobuo Uematsu himself just to past time. And when I went back to the exhibition hall, for some reason there still was a lineup to get inside. And of course, they had to cut the lineup (and I was close) because we can’t guarantee on getting inside, as a result I had to get my shirts on the next day.

Day 2: Damn the 2nd day is busy, so I got up really early to be sure that I’ll get inside to get my shirts. I was initially going to get Yui”s autograph but I decided to get on Sunday because I was afraid it’s going to be like Friday. So I got my shirts and I bought stuff this time, I got the 4th CCS omnibus and the MKR omnibuses on my first visit. After I went to the “Light Novels” panel, it’s not much but I learn stuff I guess. Then I went back to the EH (exhibition hall for short from now on as I write) and it turned out there was no lineup… R U SERIOUS?!?!. Anyways I went inside and browse around at the Garage Sale for anything good, they had the OHC volumes but its $60 for the first 11 volumes so nope!. After I went to the Magi discussion panel, and it was awkward as in not much talking but I left after 15 minutes, not because of the panel but because of the FF concert coming up!. The concert is something you have to pay separately for like $10, and yeah it was worth it. They played songs from FF1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14 some are one and some are medleys. Nobuo played only “Dark World” from FF6, and I laugh that he only played the same notes with the organs. Most of us in the audience thought there was going to be an encore, but there isn’t since we just sat there like … is something going to happen?. After its finished, I was going to run to the “J-music in motion” concert but I decided to skip it and wait for the “The 404s improv show” but at the same time, there was the “Otakuthon Turnabout” (Ace Attorney-inspired shows) for Sailor Moon, but unfortunately I had to skip it.I went back to the EH to see what they had in case that I passed buy, I came across some Free! stuff (there’s isn’t that many) and I got a keychain and it turned out to be Rei (I don’t mind but I was hoping for either Makoto or Rin) also the Hyrule Historia for $30. After some huge laughs, I went to the “Pokemon Central” panel, pretty much all the awesome and weird events/stuffs that America/Europe/especially Japan have but us Canadians. And finally I went to the “WTF?! Japan” panel, and wow it left me speechless on the stuff that they showed… and that’s the last thing I did for the day!

Day 3: So I was lining up for getting Yui Ishikawa’s autograph and there’s a huge lineup for her already and the line is so slow, so as a result I couldn’t get her autograph which sucks but I knew that it’s going to be like this. So I went back to the EH, browse some more, bought some more stuff like shirts, and as I was getting to the Garage Sale, the staff complimented my shirt because it was the TMNT except it was Squrtles. I went to another one of “The 404s” show, and there’s laughs as usually and one of them literally died laughing because its one of those improv where they can’t look at each other until music starts playing and one of the guys doing the skit was wearing the glasses with anime eyes without the other one knowing and he was surprised. I was laughing at the guy’s reaction so hard because it’s unexpected. After that I went to the EH for the last time, browse some more and I FINALLY found something Brocon-related!!! There was one left so I bought it but I didn’t know the guy had more but I only bought one since I’m really starving and need to buy something to eat (I should of bought another one in case) but I got Azusa (I’m ok with it, though preferably Fuuto). After that I went home, I could of went to the closing ceremonies but I didn’t.

Overall: The way its been organized was really bad, there’s been delays and most of the time it’s like “what’s this lineup for?/where does it start or end?/ etc. At least say something about where the lineup is going to start from or else it’s going to happen again. Some of the events should be seperated from the main events like the concerts overlaps with the Q&A of a guest for example. I don’t mind since I don’t go to most of them, but that should be considered. So it’s alright this year, but with this many people, they need to step up and hopefully it will be smoother next year.

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Just to give heads up that I’m still not going on Tumblr for a while because of the convention happening (pic ^ ) then starting school again once it finishes (which really sucks, monday is a full day even tuesday)

There’s possible chance of pics uploaded of whats happening (if I ever take it any…)

So I haven’t update my queue yet… so my blog is pretty dead for a while now


The theatre of Tamaki’s mind / Part 1


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Check this out LINK new pokemon anime!! :D (Sorry if everyone knew about it already I avoid all XY spoilers so I’m slow with any other poke news). Anyway, have some super sketchy original starters art :3

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A spare of household vessels…so keep that on you, always! - Alibaba to Morgiana Magi the Kingdom of Magic Episode 7

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When the sun goes down and the lights burn out
Then it's time for you to shine
Brighter than a shooting star
So shine no matter where you are {}
[06.05] Happy Birthday, Emmy/tremblinglines!